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CA workers’ comp bill offers lifeline for workers sick from COVID

COVID-19 is like an unrelenting tsunami, continuously hitting cities and states across the country day after day. Recent estimates conclude that confirmed cases in the U.S. now exceed 18 million. Sadly, California is one of the states with the highest number of documented positive COVID cases. Workers in various industries have contracted the deadly virus

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Employment law on discrimination in California workplaces

Discrimination in California workplaces is illegal, and the state’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing monitors employers and enforces the laws. Job applicants and employees are protected from discrimination under these laws. FEHA applies to private and public employers, along with employment agencies and labor organizations. The following business practices are included in the laws

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There are time limits for filing retaliation claims in California

Like employees across the country, those here in California have certain rights. One of them is to not face retaliation by an employer for engaging in an activity considered “protected” under the law. Anyone wanting to file such a complaint regarding retaliation with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, which is also known as the

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Lawsuit against Red Roof Inn alleges disability discrimination

It is easy to make assumptions about people. For example, an employer may wrongly assume that a disabled worker is unable to fulfil a position because of his or her disability when reasonable modifications may be enough to ensure success. Not only are such assumptions often the result of ignorance, denying a person employment due

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Former Pinterest COO claims discrimination, wrongful termination

Over the last several years, there seems to have been a significant increase in interest regarding do-it-yourself projects. As such, many people have turned to Pinterest for inspiration and directions on how to be more self-sufficient. Despite the fact that a large majority of users of the site are women, a recently filed lawsuit alleges

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Emotional damages in employment law cases in California

Many people in California and across the country view their occupation as more than a job — they see it as a career in which they plan for future advancements and professional improvement. With these goals in mind, they invest their time and energy into performing to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, the fulfillment

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Legal help with violations of employment law in California

The vast majority of workers in California simply want to arrive at work and perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. In a perfect world, there would be no interference in their ability to do this due to their age, race and disability, among other protected classes. Unfortunately, this world is not perfect,

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Helping workers respond to workplace accidents in California

A great deal of effort is put into protecting employees as they complete their job-related tasks in California. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration creates regulations intended to prevent workplace accidents from occurring in addition to conducting inspections and investigations to determine if violations have occurred. Despite these efforts, accidents can still happen,

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Worker killed in California construction accident

For many people in the United States, the advent of football season is anticipated months in advance. This may be especially true in California this year as the construction of a new stadium is underway. Unfortunately, a worker at the project was recently killed in a construction accident at the worksite. The incident that led

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3 myths about workers’ compensation

After a workplace injury, you may worry about your health, your future and your career. Worse, many people have misconceptions about workers’ compensation that could make them hesitant to file a claim. What are some myths about workers’ compensation? Your employer can fire you if you apply for workers’ compensation. It is understandable to worry

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