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Fullerton Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Fullerton Sexual Harassment Attorney

While meaningful employment provides financial support for the people of Fullerton, they can also be subject to harm in the workplace, either through personal injury or harassment, such as sexual harassment. If you have been subjugated to sexual harassment in the workplace, a Fullerton sexual harassment lawyer can help you fight for justice.

The Fullerton employment lawyers from Diefer Law Group, P.C., can listen to your story and provide both emotional and legal support. Our law firm has years of collective experience representing workers like you in Fullerton who have been subject to unfair conditions in the workplace. We can help you gather the evidence you need to back your case and help guide you down an optimal path to pursue justice in your workplace.

Fullerton Sexual Harassment Lawyer

What Can I Be Compensated for in My Fullerton Sexual Harassment Case?

If you have been sexually harassed at work in Fullerton, you can pursue a civil case against the perpetrator and, in some cases, your employer at large. If you win your civil case, then you can be compensated for certain damages and losses that were sustained as a result of harassment, including:

  • Lost Wages. This can include income that you lost due to being unreasonably fired or not being able to work due to harassment, as well as future income that could be lost due to emotional or physical injury related to the case, for example.
  • Company Policy Changes. Civil suits against employers can result in the required permanent reworking of existing internal policy, with court orders to create or amend existing policy in order to foster a more secure and non-hostile work environment that better protects employees.
  • Differences in Pay Rate. If you were demoted as part of a sexual harassment work scheme against you, then you are entitled to get back the pay rate of the difference between your former income and your income while you were in the demoted position.
  • Pain and Suffering. If you sustained physical or emotional injuries that led to temporary or permanent pain or suffering, you are entitled to receive compensation for this. An experienced lawyer can adequately evaluate the financial worth of your pain and suffering and help you fight to receive this amount.
  • Legal Costs. Any costs associated with filing the claim, such as court fees and attorney fees, can potentially be covered by a settlement in a civil suit.

If the defendant’s actions were particularly damaging or traumatizing, there may be additional penalties applied against them in order to punish their behavior and prevent it from happening again. Furthermore, if their actions were particularly criminal, it may be necessary for a criminal case to be pursued as well.

By pursuing a civil suit in Fullerton, California after being sexually harassed in the workplace, you can be compensated for the emotional, physical, and financial damages that were brought onto you as a result of the incident(s). Furthermore, you can potentially protect future employees from being subject to the same harassment by empowering other survivors to speak out about their harassment experiences, potentially sparking policy change within the organization.

What Should I Look For in a Fullerton Sexual Harassment Workplace Attorney?

When it comes to protecting your rights and pursuing justice in a workplace situation involving sexual harassment, it is important to ensure that you have optimal legal representation working on your case. When searching for a workplace sexual harassment attorney, take the following considerations into account:

  • Existing Experience. You will want to work with a workers’ attorney who has experience tackling sexual harassment cases that are similar to yours. Ask them for existing case examples and find out whether the outcomes were positive or not.
  • Communication Abilities. Having an attorney who can adequately communicate with you from the start to the finish of your case will make all of the difference. From explaining your rights under California and federal law to keeping you updated on case developments, an attorney who can communicate well is key.
  • Knowledge of Sexual Harassment and Workers’ Rights Laws. It is crucial that the attorney who takes on your sexual harassment case has a comprehensive understanding of local, state, and federal law when it comes to workers’ rights and sexual harassment cases. Depending on your case, they will need to have knowledge of related civil and criminal processes.
  • Cost Transparency. Hiring a lawyer who is upfront with you about their fees, including hourly costs, retainer fees, lump sum payments, and contingency fees, will help take anxiety and stress off of your case. Knowing in advance the financial costs of your case, including legal fees, will allow you to plan accordingly.
  • Level of Compassion. It is critical to work with a sexual harassment lawyer who is empathetic and sensitive to your situation. You will want a lawyer who genuinely listens to your experiences, questions, and concerns and responds in a thorough and respectful manner.

During the initial consultation with your Fullerton sexual harassment lawyer, you can get a better idea of whether or not they would be a good fit for your case. Be sure to come with a list of relevant questions and note whether they make you feel heard and if their knowledge and experience tend to match up with your case needs. Ultimately, it’s important to go with your intuition and choose the lawyer with whom you feel most comfortable working through this difficult time.

What if My California Employer Tries to Retaliate Against Me?

If your California employer tries to retaliate against you for reporting sexual harassment internally or pursuing legal means to handle the case, it’s important to know that this is strictly illegal. Your employer cannot threaten you, demote you, fire you, or impose any other negative work-related sanction on you for coming forward with your case.

In such workplace retaliation cases, you are likely eligible to file an additional claim against your employer for their actions. If you are facing retaliation for coming forward with sexual harassment charges, contact one of the sexual harassment lawyers from Diefer Law Group, P.C., can inform you of your rights and help you fight back against your employer’s illegal activity. They can help you document the retaliation instances, tie them to your allegations, and help you pursue avenues to bring the defendant to justice.


Q: Who Should I Sue in My California Sexual Harassment Case?

A: If you have faced sexual harassment in Fullerton, CA workplace, then you have a right to pursue justice through the law. However, the individuals that you may sue will depend on your situation. If you were directly harassed by a coworker, you can sue them directly. You can also sue your employer if they knew about the situation and did not act promptly and comprehensively to handle it. If your supervisor harassed you, you can pursue civil and, in some cases, criminal charges against them.

Q: How Can I File a Formal Claim for My Sexual Harassment Case in Fullerton?

A: You can file a formal claim through the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the California Civil Rights Department (CRD). While most Fullerton cases are typically handled through the CRD, there may be some instances when it makes sense to file with the EEOC in addition to or instead of with the CRD.

The EEOC provides federal protections, while the CRD covers California state protections, which tend to be more comprehensive. An experienced lawyer can help you decide on whether to file with the CRD, the EEOC, or both.

Q: What Is the California Civil Rights Department?

A: The California Civil Rights Department (CRD), formerly known as the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), is a state entity that exists to ensure the enforcement of civil rights laws in California. The CRD enforces laws related to the sectors of business, housing, hate-based violence, human trafficking, public services, and employment.

If you have faced harassment in the California workplace, you can formally file a complaint with the CRD. They can investigate the case on your behalf and may ultimately offer to take your employer to court for you.

Q: What Is the #MeToo Movement?

A: The #MeToo movement is a campaign of awareness and a social movement that was started in 2006 by activist Tarana Burke, who started the slogan on Myspace. The hashtag #MeToo started to be used exponentially in 2017 by survivors of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault on X, formerly known as Twitter.

While the #MeToo movement is primarily characterized by the amplification of voices of women in white-collar industries, such as film and entertainment, sexual harassment, abuse, and assault primarily affect minimum-wage workers.

Fight Back Against Your Hostile Working Conditions WITH ONE OF OUR SEXUAL HARASSMENT LAWYERS

If you are facing hostile working conditions or are not able to adequately carry out your work duties due to instances of harassment, such as sexual harassment, you do not have to tolerate the situation.

A Fullerton sexual harassment lawyer from Diefer Law Group, P.C., can work with you to ensure that you are working in a more secure environment and that you receive adequate compensation for any damages that have been accrued as a result of the harassment. Get in touch with a compassionate worker’s attorney from our team today to get started.

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