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Discrimination is experienced by millions of Americans from all walks of life. Although our nation values the importance of equality, the country is still not free from inequality, prejudice and discrimination. Fortunately, there are a number of state and federal laws that explicitly prohibit discrimination in employment.
Victims who suffer damages caused by workplace discrimination have every right to pursue legal recourse. With the support and assistance of our Southern California employment attorneys at Diefer Law Group, P.C., you can obtain the zealous representation needed to assert your rights and ensure that justice is served.


In all aspects of employment, employees and job applicants are protected from discrimination. While there are numerous state and federal laws that can apply to the various situations that may arise, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) is one of the most prominent. FEHA imposes the obligation for employers to treat employees equally during hiring, promotion, disciplinary actions, termination and all other matters related to employment.
Under FEHA, harassment and discrimination for any of the following reasons is prohibited:
According to FEHA, applicants and employees who have faced discrimination on any of these grounds have the right to file a claim, which can be filed with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. All people interested in filing a claim should be aware that time restrictions, known as a statute of limitations, may require you to file a claim within a certain time period. In most cases, discrimination claims must be filed within a year from the date of the alleged discriminatory act or within a year of a person’s 18th birthday if a victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the discriminatory incident.


The workplace, in many cases, serves as a microcosm that highlights the diversity of our entire country. A nation of immigrants and the most diverse country on earth, America is home to people from all walks of life, social classes, creeds and colors. In California especially, this immense diversity can be seen under the roofs of employers and in the halls of workplaces throughout the state. As a nation that enforces equality under the law, the government also requires that all members of society comply with laws.
By ensuring that employers and other responsible individuals or entities are held accountable for any failure to comply with discrimination laws, we can ensure that our clients successfully protect their rights and recover their damages. Additionally, we can do our part in ensuring that other applicants and employees are not further victimized in the same manner. When fighting on behalf of our clients, we leave nothing to chance when preparing their cases, handling the challenging issues and doing everything in our power to secure the results they need and deserve.

Orange County Workplace Discrimination ATTORNEYS EQUIPPED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS

Each member of our firm’s legal team shares a genuine passion for fighting tirelessly on behalf of workplace discrimination victims. In order to secure the most favorable terms for clients, we draw from decades of focused legal experience and provide individualized service so that we can craft customized legal solutions suited specifically to the problems each of our clients face. Should you choose to work with a Southern California employment attorney at Diefer Law Group, P.C., you can be confident that our experienced, talented and unwavering legal advocates can make your case our highest priority.
Contact a Southern California employment lawyer from our firm to learn more about your rights, your potential claim and what we can do to help.


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