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Irvine Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Irvine Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality for many people working in Irvine and surrounding communities of California. While there are many laws in place at the state and federal levels aimed at eliminating incidents of sexual harassment, many people are not fully aware of the legal protection available to them and the potential solutions to these problems. It’s also possible for an employee in any industry to face prolonged sexual harassment and a hostile work environment because they do not recognize the illegal nature of the mistreatment they’ve experienced.

Reliable Legal Counsel for Irvine Sexual Harassment Claims

The attorneys at Diefer Law Group can provide the compassionate legal representation you need after being subjected to sexual harassment of any kind in your Irvine area workplace. Our team has successfully represented many past clients through a wide range of employment law claims, including those that pertain to violations of federal anti-harassment laws and the employment statutes of the state. We’ll take time to review the details of your experience, help you determine the best options for legal recourse available to you, and guide you toward the best possible resolution to your sexual harassment case.

Identifying Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

One of the most challenging aspects of most sexual harassment cases is the trouble victims have in determining whether their experiences qualify as sexual harassment and grounds for legal action. Broadly, the term “sexual harassment” can refer to any unwanted behavior of a sexual nature in the workplace. This can involve anything from persistent rude jokes and sexually charged comments to displays of pornographic material in the workplace and even sexual assault.

Employers throughout the state are legally required to comply with the anti-harassment and anti-discrimination laws set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Compliance usually means implementing some form of sexual harassment prevention training for employees and establishing some kind of internal conflict resolution system for handling reports of sexual harassment in the workplace.
The first step in determining whether you have grounds for a sexual harassment suit in Irvine is identifying the adverse behavior you experienced. An Irvine sexual harassment attorney is the ideal resource to consult in this situation, as they can quickly determine whether your recent experiences constitute harassment. A few of the most commonly reported forms of workplace sexual harassment include:
  • Requests or demands for sexual favors in exchange for job-related benefits, or with the threat of job-related penalties if the victim does not comply. Often referred to as quid pro quo, this type of sexual harassment typically manifests between a supervisor or manager and their subordinate.
  • Persistent sexual commentary in the workplace. This can include jokes, intrusive personal questions, or other remarks of a sexual nature. Once the victim has asked for this type of talk to stop around them, it should end the problem, but if it does not the victim has the right to pursue legal recourse.
  • Sexual assault and battery. Whenever sexual harassment escalates to physical contact of any kind, including touching, kissing, groping, or violent sexual assault, the offender faces felony charges that can lead to heavy fines, jail time, and permanent registration as a sex offender.
This is not a complete list of all the ways that sexual harassment may appear in an Irvine area workplace. If you believe that a recent experience qualifies as an incident of sexual harassment and the internal conflict resolution channels of your workplace have not resolved the matter, you should gather any evidence you can secure to support your case and reach out to an Irvine sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible to determine the best next steps to take

What to Expect in Your Sexual Harassment Claim

The EEOC is not only responsible for the enforcement of anti-harassment and anti-discrimination laws in the United States, but also for investigating claims of harassment and discrimination in American workplaces. If you have experienced sexual harassment of any kind at work, you typically cannot proceed directly with a civil claim against your employer. You must first file an EEOC complaint explaining your experience and wait for the agency to investigate the claim.

During an EEOC complaint investigation, you will likely need to correspond with an EEOC case investigator, and your attorney can prepare you for these interactions. The EEOC is also likely to reach out to your employer, and any refusal or failure to comply with the investigation on your employer’s part is likely to lead to serious criminal penalties. When the EEOC completes its investigation of your complaint, it will provide a Notice of Right to Sue that enables you to proceed with a civil suit against the party responsible for the sexual harassment you experienced. In most cases, the EEOC is able to deliver its determination within 180 days of a claim’s filing date.

Resolving Sexual Harassment in Irvine

Once you have completed the EEOC claim process, your Irvine sexual harassment attorney will help you determine the scope of the damages you can seek from the defendant responsible for the harassment you experienced. It’s possible to recover compensation for any and all economic losses you suffered, such as lost income and benefits if you were fired or forced to quit, the cost of new job searches and training, transportation costs, and your legal fees. State law also allows you to seek compensation for the emotional suffering you experienced.

When it comes to the party responsible for your harassment, their penalties will exceed the scope of the damages they owe to you, and may entail a heavy fine, jail time, and sex offender registration. Employers found to have violated the EEOC’s laws against sexual harassment in the workplace or that have violated California anti-harassment laws are likely to face very expensive fines, and these incidents are likely to diminish employers’ public reputations.

When you choose Diefer Law Group to represent your sexual harassment case you are far more likely to navigate the case efficiently and reach the best outcome possible. Our firm has years of experience helping clients with all types of sexual harassment cases and can put this experience to work for you in your claim. If you are ready to discover how an experienced Irvine sexual harassment attorney can assist you, contact us today for a free consultation with our firm.


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