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A whistleblower is someone who “opposes, makes public or threatens to make public, illegal actions by an employer or supervisor.” Someone who is considered a whistleblower may also refuse to participate in an activity that violates state or federal laws. If you are dealing with a whistleblower claim in Southern California, allow our employment lawyers to assist you.

Two of the main scenarios in which whistleblowing arises includes:

  • When an employer engages in illegal activities such as discrimination or failure to reimburse employees for business expenses
  • When an employer charges the government more for a product or makes false tax credit/exemption claims

Since California adopted the False Claims Act in 1987, the state has recovered more than $1 billion in civil settlements of cases filed by whistleblowers. If funds are recovered as a result of a whistleblower’s “qui tam” lawsuit (or claim brought against an organization engaging in fraud against the government), the whistleblower is entitled to 15% to 33% of the recoveries. Our Southern California employment law attorneys have the experience and knowledge you need to protect your rights!


California and federal laws protect the rights and well-being of employees who speak out against their employers. Employees who report misconduct within their workplace to their employer or to outside entities, including government agencies, have certain rights that protect them from employer retaliation. At Diefer Law Group, P.C., our team of Southern California employment attorneys works collectively to guide employees through the process of filing a whistleblower claim. Whistleblower claims can involve the disclosure of any of the following:
  • Corporate fraud
  • Health and safety violations
  • Criminal activities of the employer
  • Overbilling of customers and other financial violations
  • Hiring of illegal workers
  • Unfair or deceptive business practices
  • Failure to pay overtime or work wages
The California False Claims Act allows a whistleblower to bring a lawsuit against an employer in the name of the state of California. This is allowed if the employer engaged in conduct that defrauded the state or local government or taxpayer dollars. We can assess your situation and protect you from retaliation.


Retaliation for whistleblowing can take many forms, including demotion, denied promotion and wrongful termination, among others. Employees who take a stand against employer misconduct and disclose truthful information can be shielded from employer retaliation under various laws and statutes at either the state or federal level. You should never tolerate such retaliatory acts for stating the truth. There are many laws that may apply to the particular facts of your case, and various authorities that must be contacted when disclosing important information, which is why working with an experienced Southern California employment attorney from our firm should be your top priority.


At Diefer Law Group, P.C.we staff each case with two Southern California employment attorneys to ensure that you always have access to the information and assistance you need to navigate the whistleblower claim process step by step. When handling these matters, our legal team focuses on working closely with you to gain a solid understanding of your situation, all applicable laws and options, and what we can do to protect your rights and secure the best results possible. Our Southern California employment lawyers also come from a large, national employment defense firm and know how employers react to whistleblower claims. We can anticipate your employer’s actions to strengthen your case. If you wish to speak out against employer misconduct or if you believe that you have experienced employer retaliation for voicing a complaint, then you may be entitled to whistleblower protection and relief. Place your trust in a firm that has more than 60 years of legal experience. Request a free case evaluation or contact Diefer Law Group, P.C., to learn more about pursuing a claim with our help.


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