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Workers Compensation

Construction workers risk repetitive stress injuries

Construction workers in California face an endless list of safety hazards each day. The risks include dangerous tools, elevated work levels and more. Along with the known dangers come repetitive stress injuries that could cause long-term, or even permanent, musculoskeletal damage. Ergonomics are as important on construction sites as in office environments. Examples of causes

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Are injured food delivery drivers entitled to workers’ comp benefits?

Given the rise of COVID outbreaks throughout California, many consumers have turned to ordering takeout orders from restaurants they once physically frequented. This in turn has expanded the demand for delivery drivers. In the state of California, workers’ comp laws state that workers can apply for workers’ comp benefits for injuries “arising out of and

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3 myths about workplace injuries

Even though certain occupations might more readily lend themselves to accidents, any worker in any environment can be hurt on the job. From a devastating construction accident like a trench collapse to an injury more likely in an office setting like repetitive stress syndrome, workers across California are nearly always at risk. Unfortunately, workplace accidents

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Your workers’ compensation rights as an employee in California

Regardless of the industry in which you work, employers in California must comply with the safety standards set out by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Your employer must provide a safe work environment that is free of known safety hazards. The safety program must include avenues by which reported safety hazards receive

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Will Workers’ Comp Cover Repetitive Strain Injuries?

With so many people working from home (often for longer work hours), repetitive strain injuries are becoming an even more prevalent issue. Remote and telecommuting injuries that occur during the act of fulfilling work duties could be covered under workers’ compensation. It is crucial for remote workers to recognize the signs of a repetitive strain

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Safety hazards during cleanup after California wildfire disasters

Wildland firefighters put their lives on the line during the California wildfire season from October through December each year. However, the safety hazards do not end there. A never-ending list of life-threatening hazards exists for the workers involved in the cleanup procedures in the fires’ aftermath. The risks of new fires or smoldering remains of

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Serious injuries on a construction site can change your life

Perhaps you believe you have a good relationship with your employer, and that may be true. However, when you suffer serious injuries on a construction site, you may see a different side of the company you have loyally served. While you face an arduous recovery and potentially life changing aftereffects, your employer and the insurance

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Can you seek workers’ compensation for post-traumatic stress?

Workers’ compensation insurance helps protect people who work for a living from going into debt or permanently losing their income because they have done a job. Those who get hurt while working or who develop occupational illnesses can receive total coverage for their medical costs and at least a portion of their wages and benefits.

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Did you suffer severe injuries in a work-related auto accident?

Every job comes with risks, but some more than others. Those who drive on California roads as part of their job duties know this better than most since they travel some of the most congested and busy roadways in the country. Suffering severe injuries in a work-related auto accident that was not your fault can

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Top 6 high-risk activities for construction workers

Construction sites nationwide, including California, have endless lists of safety hazards that pose injury and illness threats. Although some dangers are unique to specific projects, safety authorities have identified the six most significant hazards that construction workers face. If construction is the industry in which you earn your living, you may benefit from gaining knowledge

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