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Workers Compensation

The Top 5 Mistakes Employees Make in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Being injured on the job leaves employees in the especially difficult position of suffering an injury that interferes with their ability to earn a living while they also face mounting medical bills. Workers’ compensation is designed to bridge this gap – allowing those injured on the job to seek compensation without filing a personal injury

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What Is The Simplest Type Of Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The simplest type of worker’s compensation claim involves injuries that heal fairly quickly and without lasting effect on a worker’s employability. Workers’ compensation claims can be distinguished by the significance of the injury to the affected employee and the corresponding benefits provided by the employer’s insurance coverage. Injuries taking longer to heal or resulting in

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Workers’ Compensation Claims and Vocational Rehabilitation

A workplace injury can range from a simple papercut to a life-threatening injury such as a lost limb or severe brain injury. While smaller injuries may not even need to be reported or may be handled with a Workers’ Compensation claim and minor medical treatment, more severe injuries can be catastrophic for not just a

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What To Do When Your Workers Comp Claim Is Denied

Workers’ compensation provides vital benefits to injured employees and their families. When a workers’ comp claim is denied, employees may be able to request a reevaluation by another doctor or file an appeal or Petition for Reconsideration. Diefer Law Group advocates for workers throughout Southern California. If you believe you may have the right to

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Steps To Take After an Accident In the Workplace

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, such as construction, electrical, manufacturing, or restaurant work. However, a workplace accident can happen anywhere, so knowing the steps to take after an accident in the workplace helps to ensure that you are covered by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. In addition, following the correct protocol for an

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How To File A Workers Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation provides benefits to qualified employees if they suffer a work-related injury. If you need help understanding how to file a workers’ compensation claim, consider visiting with one of our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at (888) 301-7795. The dedicated and compassionate workers’ compensation lawyers at Diefer Law Group can help you understand how to

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Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are more likely in higher-risk jobs, such as construction, oil, and gas, industrial, or other physical labor jobs, but anyone could get hurt at work. Knowing the common workplace injuries for your particular career field can help you identify risks and avoid injury. If the unthinkable happens and you are hurt at work,

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Workers' Compensation & Whistleblower Claims

Workers’ Compensation & Whistleblower Claims

Every worker has the right to a safe workplace, according to the Occupation Safety and Health Act of 1970. In California, workers can also rely on the State of California’s Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health, to help protect workers on the job. However, even in the safest jobs, accidents can

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Understanding Wage Replacement Benefits in a Workers Compensation Case

The workers compensation system affords protection to injured workers by providing reimbursement for lost wages. When an employee is harmed in a workplace accident, there are four types of workers’ compensation benefits they could possibly claim: medical coverage, wage benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and death benefits. Often employees do not realize that in addition to paying

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