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Celebrity stylist sued for sexual harassment, discrimination

A California hair stylist in Los Angeles who has worked with some of the biggest names in showbusiness is facing lawsuits from a former employee. The stylist has won awards for her work, including being named 2012 Celebrity Stylist of the Year, and she has worked with Tina Fey, Penelope Cruz and others. Now, she

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New law regarding workplace discrimination and harassment

Workplace discrimination and harassment continue to plague workers in all sectors across the country. Heretofore, companies could employ nondisclosure agreements and other provisions to prevent discrimination and harassment victims from speaking publicly about the unlawful practices at their places of employment. Now, a new law in California that took effect on Jan. 1 of this

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Workplace discrimination exists among remote workers

Remote work has become an increasingly viable option for many workers in California and elsewhere, especially during the last couple of years. Working remotely offers a range of benefits for the employee, including not having to commute in heavy traffic and not having to dress for the office environment. Unfortunately, an increasing number of remote

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3 California jobs that rank high for danger

You may be one of many people in California who have been waking up and going to the same workplace every day for the past 10 or 20 years. Then again, perhaps, you’ve changed jobs from time to time throughout the years. Either way, there are certain jobs in California and beyond that may place

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Addressing and preventing sexual harassment claims

Business owners and employers have a duty to their employers to make sure the work environment is safe and welcoming for all. Most of the time, employers have procedures in place to address things such as fire safety, inclement weather, power outages and other incidents, but what about methods for reporting wrongdoing in the workplace?

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California man found guilty of workers compensation fraud

California man found guilty of workers’ compensation fraud

Workers’ compensation exists to help those injured or disabled due to a work-related accident. However, some people try to defraud the system for their own gain. A California man recently pleaded guilty and was convicted of insurance fraud. He now faces a host of serious consequences. SyDetails concerning the fraud The man, a 38-year-old from

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Understanding Californias new employment laws for 2022

Understanding California’s new employment laws for 2022

The publication of the Essentials October edition marks the end of the California’s legislative session. In that are updates to California’s employment laws for next year. The following details a few of the updates. Sexual discrimination and harassment claims For claims initiated after the new year, the law extends the prohibition already in place against

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Disability discrimination case moves forward after appeal

Disability discrimination case moves forward after appeal

When employers are worried about their bottom line, they may not always take the time to treat their employees with proper respect and consideration. While this is not always against the law, it is possible for employers to commit disability discrimination if they do not provide reasonable accommodation for workers or if they otherwise violate

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Are you at risk for manufacturing injuries

Are you at risk for manufacturing injuries?

When you landed a manufacturing job in California, you may have understood that the work had the potential to be busy and stressful. This type of work can be dangerous, too, especially if your duties require you to use heavy machinery and electrical equipment, or lift heavy objects and perform other tasks that place you

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Do you need help getting back to work after an accident

Do you need help getting back to work after an accident?

A work accident can result in injuries that may affect every area of your life. Your work-related injuries are much more than an inconvenience as they can have long-term or permanent impacts on you and your California family. You may need time away from work in order to recover, but you may also find that

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