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Riverside Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Riverside Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual harassment can potentially arise in any workplace in any industry. Unfortunately, despite many laws in place to prevent such behavior at both the state and federal levels, sexual harassment negatively impacts many people working in the Riverside, California, area every day. Any type of sexual harassment at work is unacceptable, and it’s possible for this behavior to cause substantial damage in many ways. Some people who experience sexual harassment are unaware of their rights in terms of putting a stop to this behavior while others do not explore legal recourse out of fear of losing their jobs

Experienced Legal Counsel for Sexual Harassment Claims in Riverside

The attorneys at Diefer Law Group can provide the detail-oriented and responsive legal counsel you need after experiencing any type of sexual harassment in your workplace. Our team routinely represents Riverside workers in their employment law cases, including those that fall within the purview of the sexual harassment laws of the state and those enforced at the federal level. Whatever your experience entailed, we have the resources and skills necessary for resolving the issue swiftly with a positive result.

Commonly Reported Forms of Sexual Harassment in Irvine

Some people who experience sexual harassment at work do not realize their experiences constitute harassment. Others do not speak out or pursue legal recourse out of fear of losing their jobs. Unfortunately, these issues allow sexual harassment to persist in many Riverside area workplaces. A few of the most common forms of sexual harassment reported in the United States include:
  • Unwanted sexual advances. While it’s possible for romantic relationships to develop among coworkers, persistent unwelcome sexual advances are unacceptable. If you have been subjected to this behavior and it has continued after asking for it to stop, you likely have grounds to file a sexual harassment claim.
  • Quid pro quo, which defines transactional sexual harassment. For example, an employer may not offer job-related benefits such as promotion or higher pay in exchange for sexual favors. Similarly, an employer may not threaten job-related penalties if a subordinate does not comply with their demands for sexual favors.
  • Hostile work environment. This can manifest whenever an employee is subjected to mistreatment that interferes with their ability to do their job. Persistent sexual commentary, rude sexual jokes, and sexual references are unacceptable, and once an employee has stated they do not wish to be subjected to this type of behavior their employer has a duty to ensure it does not continue.
  • Sexual battery. Unfortunately, harassment sometimes escalates to unwanted physical contact and even sexual abuse or rape. Any form of sexual battery in the workplace can not only lead to a sexual harassment suit against the employer but also severe criminal charges for the offender responsible.
Every employer is required to comply with the state’s anti-harassment laws for all workplaces as well as the laws set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC is not only responsible for creating and enforcing these laws but also for investigating reports of sexual harassment and discrimination in United States workplaces. If you have suffered any type of sexual harassment at work and your employer’s internal conflict resolution system has failed to yield a suitable response, you should prepare to file an EEOC complaint.

What to Expect in Your EEOC Claim for Sexual Harassment

Before you can proceed with filing a civil suit against your employer for the sexual harassment you experienced, you must be prepared to file a complaint to the EEOC detailing your experience. You should submit as much evidence as you can to support your claim, and this can prove challenging for many victims of sexual harassment. However, an experienced Riverside sexual harassment attorney can not only help you file your claim but also secure the evidence you will need to prove the truth of the matter.
Once the EEOC receives your complaint, it will launch an investigation. This is likely to entail questions for you and your employer, and any refusal or failure on their part to comply with the investigation can lead to severe penalties. If the EEOC investigates and determines your claim to be legitimate, the agency will issue you a Notice of Right to Sue that allows you to proceed with your civil suit against your employer. In most cases, the EEOC is able to complete its investigation within 180 days of the complaint’s filing.
After you receive your EEOC claim approval you can file a civil suit against your employer. It’s possible for the employer to face penalties for failing to enforce anti-harassment policies at work, failing to provide an effective internal conflict resolution option for your situation, or for directly participating in the harassment you experienced.

Recovering From Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment of any kind is not only traumatic and dehumanizing, but it can also be economically damaging. Once you have the backing of the EEOC behind your claim, the defendant responsible for your harassment will have little choice but to settle the claim as quickly as possible. When it comes to the damages you could potentially secure, your Riverside sexual harassment attorney will be an invaluable asset for accurately calculating the full scope of the losses you suffered from your experience.
Many people who file sexual harassment claims in Riverside are able to secure compensation for financial losses such as lost income and benefits, the cost of new job searches and training, transportation costs, and their legal fees. Most of these claimants can also secure compensatory damages to reflect the severity of their experiences as well as compensation for the pain and suffering they endured.

When you choose Diefer Law Group to represent your sexual harassment claim in Riverside, we will do everything we can to streamline your proceedings as much as possible and maximize the compensation you receive once you succeed with the claim. Our firm has helped many past clients navigate the EEOC claims process and subsequent civil claim proceedings against their employers. We’ll take time to listen to your story and help you understand what to expect from your successful claim. Contact Diefer Law Group today and schedule a free consultation with a Riverside sexual harassment attorney to learn more about the professional legal services we offer.


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