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CA workers’ comp bill offers lifeline for workers sick from COVID

COVID-19 is like an unrelenting tsunami, continuously hitting cities and states across the country day after day. Recent estimates conclude that confirmed cases in the U.S. now exceed 18 million. Sadly, California is one of the states with the highest number of documented positive COVID cases. Workers in various industries have contracted the deadly virus

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Helping workers respond to workplace accidents in California

A great deal of effort is put into protecting employees as they complete their job-related tasks in California. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration creates regulations intended to prevent workplace accidents from occurring in addition to conducting inspections and investigations to determine if violations have occurred. Despite these efforts, accidents can still happen,

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Worker killed in California construction accident

For many people in the United States, the advent of football season is anticipated months in advance. This may be especially true in California this year as the construction of a new stadium is underway. Unfortunately, a worker at the project was recently killed in a construction accident at the worksite. The incident that led

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Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination

Every day in California, millions of workers report to work. The vast majority of these workers are committed to fulfilling their job responsibilities to the best of their abilities, as required by their employers. Unfortunately, some find that illegal actions, including sexual discrimination, can make it difficult for them to do so. For many workers,

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3 myths about workers’ compensation

After a workplace injury, you may worry about your health, your future and your career. Worse, many people have misconceptions about workers’ compensation that could make them hesitant to file a claim. What are some myths about workers’ compensation? Your employer can fire you if you apply for workers’ compensation. It is understandable to worry

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How to protect against a ladder accident at work

Even if using a ladder at work is an everyday occurrence, it’s important that you always put your safety above everything else. When you do this, you’re more confident in your ability to prevent an accident that can cause serious injury or even death. Here are five tips you can follow to protect yourself against

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Follow medical orders, get another opinion or risk your benefits

People in just about any profession can experience work-related injuries or illnesses for a broad range of reasons. Some people have cumulative injuries, such as repetitive stress injuries, that develop over time from doing the same task every day. Carpal tunnel is an example of such an injury. Other people have significant, traumatic injuries that

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Can I get workers’ comp if I’m injured while working from home?

With more digital accessibility, many workers are choosing to ditch rush hour and work from home. Some even work remotely full-time. But what happens if you’re injured in your home while on the clock? Under California law, workers’ compensation covers employees in nearly every industry. This means most workers can receive reimbursement for medical treatment

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What kind of disability benefits come from workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation in California is a lot like other kinds of insurance. People don’t tend to spend much time thinking about the details of the program unless they actually need the benefits. It may only be after you suffer a serious injury on the job or your loved one develops an occupational illness that you

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